Partner With Us to Promote Accessible Tourism

By working together, the mission of creating equitable travel experiences for everyone is within reach.

Let’s Reach Your Organization Accessibility Goals

Promoting community growth while strengthening tourism in an inclusive way

We understand that your community is at the forefront of the partnerships you consider. Accessible Black Hills is here to work alongside you to help promote the growth of your community through business development and equitable tourism. Why try to do it on your own? Let’s join efforts and make a bigger impact with a stronger reach.

Our Partner's Receive

Prioritization of Assessment

As a partner of Accessible Black Hills, your area will be prioritized on our mobile app
(an API embed is available to our partners)

Promotion of Partnership

We are dedicated to promoting the organizations partnering with us to showcase their dedication to making tourism accessible in the Black Hills

Discounts on Services

Your destination organization will have the opportunity to receive discounts on Accessible Black Hills’s training and assessment services

What People Are Saying About Accessible Black Hills

Visit Rapid City

Our partnership with Accessible Black Hills has been a cornerstone in deepening our understanding of the needs of travelers with disabilities and gathering the required information to make their visit as seamless as possible. This collaboration has enabled us to better serve our visitors and the community, and we look forward to its continued positive impact.”

Cody Wiseman
Creative Marketing Manager, Visit Rapid City 

Rare By Design

Accessibility is critical for people with disabilities to be able to socialize, work and enjoy entertainment within our community. We love that Accessible Black Hills exists and found a way to work to improve the search for when people with disabilities want to venture out into the community.”

Kendra Gottsleben
Founder & Executive Director, Rare by Design

Tamie Hopp

“Accessible Black Hills has added such value to our community. By collaborating with local businesses to access and address accessibility, ABH has enhanced the experiences for customers and visitors of all abilities. Good businesses recognize that investing in accessibility is good for business, and an accessible community is an inclusive one for all. I’m grateful to ABH for helping us get there.”

Director of Philanthropy, Black Hills Works Foundation
Chair, Rapid City Disability Awareness & Accessibility Committee


What is the financial commitment for partners?

Partnerships vary based on the size of your community and organization.

What do partnership funds go towards?

Keeping the app free to users, creating learning opportunities, and supporting the creation of awareness for accessibility and inclusion, general business costs, and supporting our mission as a whole.

What does promotion of my organization look like?

Your organization’s name and logo will be highlighted on our website, app, social media, and signage at our booth at local community events.

How long does a partnership with Accessible Black Hills last?

Your partnership is customizable, and ongoing in one-year increments with the possibility to end or continue your partnership on a yearly basis.