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Giving travelers and businesses the tools they need for an exceptional experience in South Dakota

Travel is one of those exhilarating experiences that create memories to last a lifetime. But as memorable as travel can be, it takes a lot of planning–even more so when you can’t take for granted standard amenities like accessing a building safely, or using the facility’s restrooms. Accessible Black Hills is here to not only help travelers have an enjoyable and informed experience in South Dakota, but to equip local businesses with the knowledge to offer the accommodations needed for accessible travel and life.

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Professional Facilitation.

App coming soon! Whether you are visiting the area or have a business in the tourism industry, Accessible Black Hills is here to help you acquire the information you need for a successful travel experience.

Business Consulting

Educating businesses about accessibility features and aiding in awareness about accommodation implementation, DEI, and inclusivity within a physical space is essential in making the Black Hills a destination for travelers with disabilities.


We believe that the opportunity for accessible tourism is within the reach of our community. By working with local advocates and champions to bring accessibility to the forefront of our tourism industry, we can fuel the growth for inclusivity across our region.


Accessible Black Hills works to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to travel as stress-free and independent as possible by giving them the information they need before setting out to visit and enjoy all the area has to offer.

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Meet Our Founder

Kelsey Stine

Kelsey Stine has been a wheelchair user since she was young and has learned to adapt to her surroundings over the years. Growing up in Rapid City, she knows all the accessible entrances, bathrooms, and dining areas throughout the area. Combining her knowledge with the love of travel, Kelsey wanted to create a resource for individuals with disabilities to have a stress-free time when they visited the Hills. This passion was the foundation that Accessible Black Hills has been built on.

Since Our Beginning

In 2021, Accessible Black Hills began as an effort to highlight local businesses in the Rapid City area and rate the accessibility of each location with a supportive and positive approach. Today, we are proudly growing the services we offer to assist local businesses in becoming more accessible, as well as offering more insight to travelers planning on visiting the Black Hills and expanding area.

Travel Made Easy

Accessible Black Hills To Go

Planning a trip when you or your travel companion can’t take even the simplest of ammenities for granted can be stressful. But with the Accessible Black Hills app, you’ll be able to browse venues, restaurants, attractions, and more before you go to ensure they have what you need for an enjoyable experience on your vacation in the area.

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Will Be Available on iOS and Android